We are the solution to the water and sanitation crisis

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The water and sanitation crisis can be solved. We all have our part to play.

People, governments, civil society, private sector, the UN system – this is our moment to take action.

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Let’s talk about you and water. It keeps you alive, flushes away your waste, washes your body and grows your food. But this finite resource is scarce and under threat – affecting every part of our society, from sanitation systems and ecosystems to industry and agriculture. We are way off-track to reach Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) that promises water and sanitation for all by 2030. Commit to fighting the water and sanitation crisis and hit SDG by 2030.


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The World Toilet Day will help turn the global spotlight on the 4.2 billion people living without access to safely managed sanitation. You may support by sharing the translation of ‘World Toilet Day – 19 November’ in your language with unwater@un.org


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What are the challenges ahead?
The United Nations turned 75 in October. One million people have been taking part in the #UN75 global conversation this year to share their ideas for tackling challenges we all face. This photo story looks at some of them.

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Check out the big data
You may now access multidimensional maps and statistics showing key climate and environmental trends wherever you are thanks to the Google and FAO new Big data tool for all. Check it out and learn more about our food systems.

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Agents of change
Can you imagine not using any water for a day? The YUNGA Challenge Badges aim to educate and motivate young people to change their behaviour and participate in the construction of a more sustainable, fairer world. Take the challenge!

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Towns and cities in the world’s developing countries are growing on an unprecedented scale. An essential feature of green city planning is urban and peri-urban horticulture.

Have you ever imagined how you would cope if you didn’t have a tap with clean water at home? How would you wash, and what would you drink? And what would you do if there were no toilets available? Play WaterAid’s WaterQuest game and find out.


World Toilet Day is about taking action to tackle the global sanitation crisis and achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation. But what have toilets got to do with climate change?


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